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Turning data into insights, innovation into care, and your patients into empowered partners on their wellness journey.
  • Enhanced patient care
  • Operational efficiency
  • Improved healthcare outcomes
Transforming Healthcare with Technology

Healthcare atTurnkey

Turnkey, where digital transformation meets healthcare excellence. Our solutions are tailored to empower healthcare organisations with cutting-edge digital technologies, driving innovation and improving patient outcomes. With our expertise in digital transformation, we provide comprehensive solutions that revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered. Explore our offerings and embark on a transformative journey towards a digitally empowered healthcare future. Leveraging digital technologies, Turnkey enables healthcare providers to deliver evidence-based care, facilitate real-time monitoring, and unmatched patient management.

In today’s interconnected healthcare landscape, seamless integration and interoperability are crucial. We focus on integrating disparate healthcare systems, eliminating silos, and enabling secure data exchange between healthcare providers, payers, and patients. Implementing these solutions, we empower healthcare organisations to achieve a holistic view of patient health, facilitate care coordination, and improve communication across the healthcare ecosystem.

Inspiring Change in Healthcare

At Turnkey, we understand the importance of delivering exceptional patient care. From implementing electronic health records systems to developing patient portals and telemedicine platforms, we empower healthcare organisations to deliver personalised and accessible care anytime, anywhere. Explore the power of technology to transform the way you care.
Harnessing Digital Solutions to Elevate Healthcare Experiences
Unlock the potential of data to drive informed decision-making and improve healthcare outcomes. Our solutions include advanced data analytics and business intelligence tools that extract valuable insights from vast amounts of healthcare data.
Using Technology to Transform Healthcare Delivery
By streamlining workflows, automating administrative tasks, and implementing advanced analytics, Turnkey’s solutions optimise operational processes in healthcare organisations, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and better resource utilisation.

AI inLife Sciences

At Turnkey, we use our expertise in innovation and AI to revolutionise life sciences. Our strategic vision involves concepts like reducing the use of animals for toxicity testing and decreasing time to lead discovery. By utilising predictive analytics approaches, we can minimise the reliance on animal testing for toxicity assessment. These approaches enable the extraction of pertinent information, aiding in the discovery of non-invasive biomarkers and facilitating the avoidance or replacement of acute toxicity testing. Additionally, through integrative analysis of multiple profiles, we can extract complementary insights and extrapolate short-term observations to long-term outcomes, thereby reducing the necessity for testing multiple doses and routes of exposure.

Turnkey’s innovative approach aims to decrease the time required for lead discovery by leveraging models that predict target associations in disease models. By utilising DPI, PPI, and PPath networks, we can guide risk assessment and select robust and relevant assays. Cell lines, functional assays, and toxicity assays play a crucial role in this process. With the support of AI and ML, we can accelerate target identification/validation, lead discovery, and selection, ultimately speeding up the overall drug discovery process and reducing failure rates.

  • Outcome: enable reduced use of animals by ~60%
  • Approach: integrate computational modeling with toxicology data for enhanced insights
  • Outcome: minimise time to lead discovery
  • Approach: add value across drug discovery to development pipeline stages
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