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A learning platform that simulates an environment of curiosity and investigation. Our curated course structure ensures you are placed directly in front of companies looking for individuals with these skill sets.

Our three-step approach ensures you have a blue-print for advancement beyond the classroom.

Our Talent Management Partner is here to help you get placed.

Turnkey + Million Minds

Footprint Across India

Million Minds has its network PAN India and has helped staff several MNCs since its inception

Exclusive Partner

Turnkey Learning will be an exclusive e-learning partner of Million Minds. We hope to provide our students with best-in-class opportunities for their careers beyond the course

Coaching & Mentorship

Our services extend beyond just teaching you the relevant skill sets. We enable you to use these skill sets practically an excel in your field

    Million Minds is pleased to announce that it has joined with Turnkey Learning as an exclusive business partner. This partnership brings together Million Minds’ industry leading professional consulting services and Turnkey’s world-class training programs in AI & ML.

    Deepak Pauskar, CEO Million Minds


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    Enrol in our programs to develop and hone essential skills in areas of impact such as artificial intelligence, data, and technology, and contribute towards transforming the future.

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    Develop Autonomy

    At Turnkey, we enable our cohort of students to develop autonomy and take the decisions of impact. We hone the leaders of tomorrow.

    “At the core of what we do is to help learners acquire knowledge through business simulations. Think about them as digital twins of real-world processes. You will live it while you learn it, making you retain it and build on it. Stimulate your creativity, enjoy the experience and up your game.”

    Vijay Sai Vadlamudi MD – Turnkey Learning