A-Z of Artificial Intelligence Masterclass To Start Your Journey And Grow In Your Career

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  • Duration 5PM to 7PM (Sat & Sun)
  • Free - Admission Based On Eligibility
  • Start Date 26th June to 10th July

About Course

Learn from industry expert and Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University – the #1 University in the world for AI & ML education – and start your journey in the field of AI & ML.


Learn from industry expert and Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University – the #1 University in the world for AI & ML education – and start your journey in the field of AI & ML.

We will help you decode the world of AI & ML, how are companies investing in these technologies, what is the expected hiring pattern in the next couple of years and what salary can you expect with the skill sets you have amassed.

We will effectively teach you how to launch a very lucrative and successful career in the field that is going to take over every industry in the next 5 years.

Get a personalised one-on-one session with industry experts to answer your
questions and clear the path for you.

Why You Should Attend the A-Z Masterclass

  1. Learn from expert who has over 70 industry publications and 4,610 citations

  2. A complete hands-on experience that gives you a clear and concise path to follow

  3. Live one-on-one session through zoom with industry experts

  4. Post masterclass feedback on the area and field you can grow and thrive in

Masterclass Content

Session 1 – The Basics of AI & ML

Part 1

  • The difference between AI, ML and DL

  • What do these terminologies mean? How do they differ?

  • Objective mapping of which field best suits which industry

  • Why should you choose one field over the other

Part 2

  • Hands on experience in analysing big data

  • Deep dive into descriptive analytics

  • Summary statistics

  • Homework given for the next session – data driven exercises

Session 2 – Where to Use Regression and Classification

Part 1

  • Regression for AI & ML, Linear regression for AI & ML

Part 2

  • A supervised session to evaluate understanding of previous topics

  • The basics of Logistic Regression (LR)

  • How to implement Decision Tree (DT)?

  • Homework – Classification of one dataset using LR and DT

Session 3 – Unsupervised Learning and Model Evaluation

Part 1

  • What is clustering analysis

  • Developing a K-Means model

  • Developing Hierarchical Clustering Analysis Model

  • Relevance of Clustering Analysis

Part 2

  • Evaluate model performance

  • Understand the basics of model selection

  • The details behind feature engineering

  • Get started on hypermeter tuning

  • Test and train splits

  • Overfitting and underfitting

Session 4

An interactive session with the industry expert

  • A detailed checklist for succeeding in the field of AI & ML

  • What are the careers and opportunities

  • Pyramid of roles in AI & ML – business managers, solution architects, ML ops engineers, ML modelig engineers and data engineers

  • How is the market, what are the opportunities currently present

  • How to capitalize on AI & ML

  • What is the preparation needed for a career in AI & ML

List of Resources You Will Use



Get access to vast data libraries curated for your learning needs.


  1. Dr. Naveena Yanamala 

  2. Vijay Sai Vadlamudi


Certificate of Completion

from Turnkey Learning

At The End of the Session You Will Be Able to

  • Generate descriptive analysis of a given data set
  • Perform operations on matrices
  • Extract patterns and structures in data sets
  • Discriminate between different classes of observations that describe a process
  • Understand application of ML to given data sets and its power to assist in decision making
  • Think creatively about the application of ML to different scenarios
  • Receive a certificate from Turnkey Learning
  • Develop descriptive analysis of a given data set
  • Use python ML libraries to develop models

About the instructors

Dr. Yanamala, a passionate educator in relentless pursuit of the advancement of applied learning methods in AI presently serves as the Principal Data Scientist in the Heart & Vascular Institute at WVU Medicine. She holds additional appointments as an Adjunct Professor in the Institute for Software Research, School of Computer Science ...
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Material Includes

  • Live, online, certificate program for working professionals, taught by world-class faculty
  • Access to teaching assistants with prior industry experience
  • Industry Recognized Certificate from Turnkey Learning
  • Comprehensive program syllabus covers topics on the use of artificial intelligence
  • Hands-on learning & project work in a collaborative environment
  • Access to opportunities, network of academics, and other professionals in the field


Admission Based on Eligibility


  • BTech/MTech degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related subject
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Python
  • Understanding of the internet, computer systems and networks
  • Ability to work independently and in teams

Why Learn With Us

  • Practical, hands-on, LIVE online programs
  • Small class sizes with on-demand Teaching Assistants support
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