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It is more than just
grading questions and answers

Assessment Beyond The Classroom


Continuous assessment & periodic feedback to ensure learners demonstrate a sound understanding of concepts underlying their solution.


In not just learning but applying the skills. Set expectations and evaluate peer contributions on team projects. Monitor performance throughout the learning timeline.


Mid-term projection of performance trajectory. Graded program presentation on the skills acquired.
Update the learning & development manager on progress of the training.

Mentoring services that imbed autonomy in your employees

Coaching Teams At Work


Assist teams to develop an understanding of business context. Observe and guide them towards the solution to the business objective.


Make teams apply their solution design. Enable a learn by doing philosophy. Influence teams to apply classroom acquired techniques.


Stimulate creativity within teams through a collaborative spirit.
Course correct when they depart from proper application of techniques.

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Experience in real world projects


Develop Dynamic Pricing Models
Developed a model that can encourage the use of airport parking by offering real-time, dynamic parking rates which relay on various factors
Predict Customer Conversion
Predicted potential customer base of a bank that can be targeted to increase penetration of the fintech products i.e., procurement card offered by the bank to inform marketing campaigns.
Maximize Forex Revenue
Built a recommendation system for Treasury Services group to pair potential global clients to forex products based on forex transaction data available in bank.
Predict Customer Churn
Built an ML model model to predict customer churn in the telecom industry by analyzing customer transactions and behavior to customer acquisition costs.
Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rate
Built an ML model that incorporates key marketing principles to predict the propensity of leads to consider item recommendations to increase conversation rates.
Forecast Call Volume
Used timeseries forecasting to predict call volume and accordingly staff the call centers to ensure efficient use of resources and assure high customer service quality.
Identify Imaging Risk

Model hospitalization and clinical records to predict and minimize risk of unwanted and excessive imaging to improve healthcare delivery.

Score Risk Complexity of Policy
Used the variance in the distribution of rates to drive profitability of the different lines of insurance business.
Predict Package Arrival Windows
Combined internal and external data to extract features and perform analysis to predict the arrival window of shipped packages aimed at minimizing refunds for non-delivery in time.
Predict Workplace Hazards
Used workmen’s compensation claim data to predict proneness to accidents; use insights to run training programs minimize injuries and deaths and thereby minimize payouts.

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